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Areas of Focus/Initiatives

  • Capacity Building
  • Technical Assistance and Training
  • Interagency Collaboration
  • Education and Systems of Care; Legislation and Policy
  • Parent and Youth Development and Involvement

The Multiagency Network for Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (SEDNET) creates and facilitates a network of key stakeholders committed to assisting in the provision of a quality system of care for students with or at-risk of emotional and/or behavioral challenges.

Project Highlights

  • SEDNET Project Managers: Avis Schirato (Region 1), Janna Hill (Region 2B), Paige Mace (Region 3B) and Helen Burton (Region 8B) will be attending the Florida AWARE hosted Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) Instructor Training in December. The Mental Health First Aid instructor training is held over five days and is taught by two authorized Mental Health First Aid National Trainers. Current YMHFA instructors include Dr. Charlene Grecsek (Region 10), Terri Cooper (Region 13) and Nickie Zenn (SEDNET Statewide Director).
  • On November 20, 2015 CDS Family & Behavioral Health Services presented SEDNET Region 12 Project Manager, Carl Coalson, an award for being a leader in providing community education and introducing therapeutic interventions for students. Carl provided CDS Family & Behavioral Health Services training in summer entitled “Beyond Trauma Informed Care”.

Regional Map

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Trauma-Informed Care
Project Highlights

  • SEDNET Region 12 will be conducting twelve Trauma Informed Care trainings over the next month, which will reach an expected audience of more than 1,000 participants. These trainings will take place in Putnam, Taylor, St. Johns, Volusia, and Flagler counties. Participants will include professionals found throughout all levels and positions within the school system as well as representatives from various government and community agencies. More information about Trauma-Informed Care.