Florida's System of Care

In Florida’s system of care, SEDNET works with education, mental health, child welfare, and juvenile justice professionals; along with other agencies and families, to ensure that children with mental, emotional and behavioral problems, and their families, have access to the services and supports they need to succeed.

In order for systems to assist youth with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (E/BD) in achieving their greatest social, emotional and educational potential, it is critical for communities and professionals to pursue practice approaches with the strongest evidence base.

Core Values and Principles

  • Family-driven and youth-guided
  • Home and community-based
  • Strengths-based and individualized
  • Coordinated across systems and services
  • Connected to natural helping networks
  • Data-driven and outcome-oriented
  • Culturally and linguistically competent
National Wraparound Initiative

SEDNET encourages the use of Wraparound to link children and families to services that will assist them in reaching their goals. This practice approach offers a comprehensive strategy for community-level service planning and implementation. Click here for more information on the National Wraparound Initiative.